From Michael Standhart
I own my own construction company with my son which leaves little time to run a long line trapping. I'm pushing 40 years of trapping experience but when I ran across the Coyote U trapping school in my Trapper's Post, I sent Mark an email and took the course.  This was my second season after taking the class. Coyote U for sure is the best thing you can do to become a better canine trapper and as far as I'm concerned a better all around trapper. 2-1/2 days of Coyote U cut years off the learning curve to consistently catch coyotes . Mark taught us what to look for and how to catch them. I run a line on average of 30 to 40 traps and 90% pipesets. The system works!! I highly recommend Coyote U if you want to be a canine trapper. Thanks Mark!
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Wildlife Control Technology  Bill Christman
WCT's Bill Christman learns about the Pipe Dream Set and writes about his experiences.
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From Matthew Lewis
No demo, dvd, magazine, forum, or book could ever compare to the Personal Instruction I received at Coyote U. 

The atmosphere of Zagger's course was entertaining, to the point, and jam packed full of coyote catching knowledge.

Mark held nothing back, which cut from 5 to 20 plus years off of my learning curve. Locations came to life seeing them in person instead of some picture in a book or magazine article.

I came home from Coyote U, applied what I had learned, and caught as many K9's in the first 10 days of the season as I did the ENTIRE previous season. 

What does it take to be in the top 1% of coyote trappers?  Attend Coyote U !!!
From Albert Simpson
For me, coyote U was FIRST CLASS from the first hello to the last good by! I was looking for something new, different that would give me an advantage.Coyote U did that! THANK YOU!
From Craig Conway
My brain “swelled” with coyote trapping for weeks after attending Mark Zagger’s Coyote U.  Mark’s “program” for whacking and stacking coyotes in any weather and any season is well communicated to you during the classroom and in field instruction.  Mark’s “program” as he calls it starts with pre-season preparation and ends with fur handling.  If you want to know what’s involved in the “program” I suggest you attend Coyote U.
I was looking for confidence in setting for coyotes whether it was location, equipment or techniques Mark covered all bases and answered all questions. A couple weeks later I put my new found knowledge to work on the fur trap line and was quickly catching coyotes in “Pipe Dream” and “Bank Sets”.
The meals prepared by Dan, evening pondside campfires and the hospitality provided by Mark and Gina on their home’s beautiful grounds just add to the memories.  I highly recommend Coyote U to any trapper whether you are a NWCO or fur trapper. The knowledge gained will give you the competitive edge you’ve been looking for in your business or on the fur trap line.
From Jim Kulsicavage
Outstanding! With the Zagger approach  I have caught more K9's in 3 weeks than I have in 9 weeks last year. The pipe set is the real deal. I learned a "compost pile" is not just for gardening.
From the classroom to on location. Very informative. Money well spent. From beginner to advanced you'll pick something up. How to be productive in the northeast where you having freezing, thawing, rain and snow daily it's a must attend. The Zag Man gets it done in those conditions and shows how to do it!!!!!
From Marc Packard
Met a lot of great people and most importantly gained so much knowledge from Mark. The 3 days of jammed packed instruction has advanced me to a whole new level. You the man Mr. Zagger!!

From Pete Lossmann
Coyote U was the best money I have spent on trapping in the last ten years. As an experienced trapper looking to kick my game up a notch I could not have asked for more. Mark has solutions to problems that every trapper comes up against. As well as simple adjustments to sets that will save time and catch more coyotes. That's what it is about after all!
From Don Powell
Without a doubt worth every penny to me.  I've trapped for over 40 years.  Caught my first coyote in 1985.  However, the education I got from Mark Zagger changed my game plan.  I left with confidence, and on my trapline catching a coyote is now a common occurrence.  Sign up quick is my only suggestions to those considering attending.
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From William Christman
“I learned more in one day training with Mark Zagger than I have learned in all the professional instruction I have received over the last 25 years bar-none! Really!”

“There are very few people, if any, that have only trapped, removed and studied coyotes from A to Z for 30 plus years! You can only gain this much knowledge and experience by only focusing on one animal and its strategic and Surgical removal. There is no one on the planet that can catch as many coyotes as Mark catches, in any condition, from east to west, all soil types, in 18 days, every year, using only footholds. This man has more knowledge and experience about the coyote, the family group and its habits than anyone I've ever met!”
Eastern Coyotes A to Z
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According to Zagger
Trap Post by Tom Miranda
In the mid 1980s I was using an airplane to run my trapline. When I had trapping students in for instruction, I offered them a ride over my trapline. For most this was the highlight of the class. I think the reason that my trapping videos helped so many trappers was the perspective of the map location combined with the aerial perspective. It's very gratifying for me to see posts on this page from trappers who caught their first fox or coyote after watching the video. I was fortunate to instruct many guys thru the Fur Takers Trappers College as well as giving personal lessons. Many of the trappers on this page took my personal lessons and it's great to see them and get PM's from them. I don't give trapping lessons any more but want to show you a new website
Mark Zagger is a good friend and awesome trapper. If you're interested in increasing your trapping knowledge, Mark's learned from the best!
From Kevin Hitt
Wanted to say thank you for everything from CoyoteU. I left after two and a half days of learning with a head full of new information, at that point I really didn't know how I was going to put it to use. Trapping season started in 10 days and I needed to come up with a plan. So I drank the cool aid so to speak and decided I was going to put only your methods to use and see what happened. It was not easy to stay away from the same old, same old and adapt to your methods but I forced myself and I am grateful I did. My season has been exceptional! Any trapper that is serious about coyote trapping is doing themselves a disservice by not going to CoyoteU. I really believe that.
From Noel Ryan
I felt stuck in a rut with coyotes, catching the same amount the past few years. When I found out Mark was giving instructions, I jumped on the opportunity. I don't know of anyone in the northeast or even east coast giving instructions. The places I trap are very different than where Mark traps, but I was able to adapt and I pulled off an impressive catch for my area. I've been trapping for 13 years, but this past season was just the beginning, and I'm going to improve greatly in my future.
If you're serious about coyotes and have limited time to do it- this is the place!
From Ken Hill
I wanted to send you a note on my 2017 trapping season results. My trapping partner, my 14 year old son, and I had our best season yet on red fox and coyotes. The results I think speak for themselves. We trapped the same farms that we did in 2016 and 2015. This year resulted in us taking 3 coyotes, 41 red fox, 4 raccoons, 6 possums and a Bobcat. In 2015 and 2016 we averaged 24 fox and 1 coyote off of the same farms.
We don’t long line and our most sets on any day this season was 29. We trapped a little early in November and took 2 coyotes and 9 red fox with 14 sets. The double on coyotes where caught about 150 yards apart on the same farm, with the male topping 50 pounds and the female at 41. We did most of our trapping during our late December Bobcat season.
In the later season we caught a 21 pound bobcat, a 42 pound coyote, and 32 red fox with 28 sets. We also caught a few possums (6) and very few raccoons (4) for our season. We had some very good days and for the most part we had decent weather for late season until the early January Artic blast. It is ironic that our last red fox was caught in a pipe dream set!
This was our best season on red fox and since we normally only get maybe 1 coyote per year, this one was outstanding with three! Our season total of canine was 80% better than years past, with basically the same area, and traps set.
I did some math and our target critters (45) we had a catch percentage of 7.5% catch rate. When I added the non-target, but still fur critters, we had a catch rate of 9.1%. Our catch rate suffered some during the Artic blast and snow storms. Overall, I believe that the things I learned at Coyote U helped put more critters in the truck (CIT).
One of my goals when I attended Coyote U last spring was to be able to catch the few coyotes we have quickly and not miss any. I now have the confidence that if there is a coyote on one of my farms, I can get him!
The three days at Coyote U were extremely beneficial and I adapted what I learned to my fox line as well. It also saved me a lot of time skinning those three coyotes with the tricks I learned. The proof is in the math. It is hard to argue with results like we attained in just a few weeks of trapping. My son is pumped for next year to get more areas and make our line a little longer during his Christmas school break.
Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to attend your Coyote U and gain more knowledge to put in my trapping toolbox. The classroom and field experience helped us put more fur in the shed. Can’t wait until next season!
From Jim Verdier
Mark is the total package when it comes to coyote trapping. Be hard pressed to find anybody with more pure eastern coyote know-how, and the ability to pass that know-how on, with a fun, casual, completely non-intimidating way. And when I say eastern coyotes, I’m talking true easterns, but especially northeasterns, which, in my experience, are the hardest to catch repeatedly season after season like Mark does. There are a lot of reasons for this, and Mark covers them all. I've always said that if you can put up good, repeatable numbers in the northeast, then you are equipped to catch them anywhere in the country. So if you’re looking to learn from one of the best in the country, call Mark and schedule your training.
As a retired Certified NYS Municipal Police Training Council instructor for over 30 years and Instructor Reevaluation, I was very impressed with your three day class on Coyote Trapping and Fur Preparation. You demonstrated outstanding proficiency in classroom presentation and field work. Your enthusiasm and patience in helping us fully understand the fundamentals of your system of trapping left no unanswered questions at the end of the three day period. When one attends classes to learn, a fully competent instructor who instructs from memory, experience, and without the use of a manual, will keep students motivated to learn and encourage discussion. Well worth the expense and time.
I was pleasantly surprised last week when I checked on the auction results at Fur Harvesters for my coyote results.  In the past I have rarely had any coyotes graded select (the highest rating available).  This year, I shipped 52 coyotes and 21 of them were graded as select!  How did this happen?  I used your recommended pelt handling and put up methods that you showed us at your university.  You told us that your methods usually netted about 4 to 5 dollars average more than the sale average.  This may be a flyer in that regard but the sale average at this sale for eastern coyotes was $26.86, my average was $41.26, talk about being in shock, I had a hard time getting to sleep after reading the report, three were $100 or more, never before have I had any that high.  Thanks Mark!!!
From George M. Martin
From Dale
From Kevin Mroz
I have to say that attending Coyote U has been a game changer for me in so many positive ways.  I run a small line and don’t have as much time as I’d like to trap more extensively.  In the past, a successful season was a few fox and a coyote or two.  This past season, I am very happy to have had my best season ever, and I can attribute that directly to Coyote U.
The list of things you shared that has helped me is far too long to mention here.  Your overall approach to preparation and efficiency, strategizing for set locations, your many innovative ideas and observations on trapping in general, and fur handling have all been a huge help to me.  I have always struggled with trapping in wet, muddy and freezing conditions, and that had kept me away from trapping for far too long.  I am happy to say that I am no longer afraid of the mud, snow or ice, and had a good number of catches this year in conditions that I wouldn’t have imagined in years past.  I thought a lot before spending the money to come to Coyote U, but can tell you it was 100% worth it. 
Thank you again for turning many lightbulbs on in my head that helped get me back out on the line – my only regret is that I didn’t attend sooner!
Student Nick Kersonovich
This is one of our Coyote U students, Nick Kersonovich, with his 2020 catch.  Prior to coming to Coyote U, Nick’s best canine season was less than 20 canines. 
Two years later, look at him go!
Student Jeff E.
This is one of our Coyote U students, Student Jeff E. from Pulaski NY, with his 2020 catch.  Jeff REALLY paid attention in the Fur Handling part of Coyote U, and it shows!