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Coyote U has been in my mind for decades now.  The building blocks for this idea come from 30 years of chasing coyotes in New York State, catching them in numbers some find unachievable, in arguably some of the worst weather conditions in the country, and in a state where cable restraints or snares are not a legal device.

Combine that trapping resume with my actual career path in sales, marketing, and business ownership, and the ability to speak publicly with confidence (and humor!), and you end up with Coyote U.  The icing on the cake is a unique venue on my property that allows for both classroom to be held and great meals to be served in style.  I know of no other instruction or classes held in such a manner and in such a personal way, bringing students to our own place for instruction.
Gina and I are proud of our place and welcome you with a smile to Coyote U!

Why Coyote U?
Finally, coyote trapping instruction by one of the most prolific coyote trappers in the East.  Why now?  Most high-numbers coyotes men are out West, and adopting their methods and locations to the East can be challenging at best.  These instructions will fill a void that’s been left open for FAR too long!

Our locations, weather, and equipment/regulation limitations really cannot be replicated outside of our region.  There’s a reason NO ONE comes East to trap coyotes in numbers!  They ALL go West!  Well, we all don’t have the luxury of doing that, do we?  I can help you become a “one-percenter” right here in your back yard.

In 2.5 days, I plan to show you EVERYTHING.  I can promise you that these instructions are different than ANYTHING that ANYONE is offering.  Coming here will cut 5-10-20 years off of your learning curve!

While I have done a lot of “trial and error” learning, I’ve also never been afraid to go to others for help.  I have taken instructions from some of the BEST!  And, I am friends with many of the top trappers in the country, gleaning ideas from each other with our relationships.
I believe our trapping methods and systems are made up of bits and pieces of big and little things we’ve picked-up from others.  None of us operate in a vacuum!  I’ve taken instructions from great trappers all the way back to the early 1980’s. These men have all helped and contributed to my approach today!  Men I have taken canine instruction from to date:
• Ray Milligan
• Craig O’Gorman
• Ron and Pete Leggett
• Johnny Thorpe
There are FAR too many others to list that have contributed through the writings, videos, DVD’s, internet postings, and friendship.
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Your Hosts, Mark & Gina Zagger
Mark Zagger
Mark has averaged 130 coyotes a “season” going on 10 years straight.  Mark’s season is three weeks long!  In an area where 30 coyotes is thought to be a great season’s catch, Mark consistently catches well over 100 coyotes each season, with a season best of 183 coyotes!
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According to Zagger
Tom Miranda
Many trappers have contributed to my knowledge over the years… yet as I remember looking back to the early days..
This cover of The Trapper magazine from 1984 with Tom Miranda lit a fire in me that burns today.

A few year later, I met Tom at an NTA convention in New York State.  I approached his booth and shared what I THOUGHT was a complex problem with him on coyote trapping, yet he gave a very simple answer AND explanation, showing me I did NOT have a problem after all!  I am forever grateful for that first dialogue as it made me realize I was overthinking some of my approach, and ABSOLUTELY worrying about the wrong stuff!  It was a turning point in my game for sure.  Thank you, Tom!
Mark Zagger has trapped coyotes in the East, West, and Midwest in seven different states.
He has trapped coyotes-only in New York, Illinois, Kansas, Montana and Wyoming.
As a student, you can draw upon Mark's diverse, national experience -- all of which is rolled up into the Coyote U curriculum.
Mark & Gina humbly invite you into their home and onto their property for a large portion of the program.