Topics of Instruction
•  Fur Handling and Marketing.  Why I average $50 on EVERY coyote I skin, regardless of the fur market. I get the sale HIGH at every sale AND TOP LOT awards.  My fur shop is designed around processing coyotes IN NUMBER. (The fur handling/marketing piece will pay for the seminar by itself!)

Part Time Trapping.  I get numbers in three-weeks that guys don’t get all season!  I can show you how to get numbers part-time, on a vacation line, or before and after work.

•  High-Production Methods and Approach.  EVERYTHING I show you will be about speed and scale and how to get to those magical numbers we all want to achieve.

•  Trap Line Dog Use.  Few guys use dogs in the East.  I do.  And I will show you why and how.

•  Equipment.  I have tried just about any piece of hardware on the market, including traps.  It’s been an evolution.  I will show you where I’ve ended up and why you should be there as well.

•  Bait, Lure and Urine Use.  How and what I use and why.

•  The Sets.  Fast and furious.  I will show you how and why I don’t even bed my traps at dirt sets……you will see sets made UNLIKE anything you’ve ever seen before, but don’t assume that means they are difficult to make or cumbersome.

•  The Locations. One of the biggest challenges for aspiring trappers.  I will show you locations on my line that you will also have in your area, and therefore, you can easily replicate and utilize in your own areas.

•  Location Formula. I will show you a formula for location that will allow me to drop you in any state, any geography, and you will be able to find the right locations immediately.
Coyote U Instruction Basics
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Class Information & Cost
During the class, students spend 1 day of classroom instruction, 1 day of on-the-line instruction and 1/2 day in Coyote U's state-of-the-art fur shop. Our classes begin on Saturday morning at 6:00am, and end on Monday at noon. Plan for full days of instruction!

The cost of Coyote U is $1,250, which includes all meals and beverages.  Classes are held in April and October of each year, and class size is limited. A 50% deposit is required to reserve your spot in the class. 

Refunds: If you cancel your reservation but can reschedule for a future class, your payment will be applied to the newly scheduled class. If you cancel your reservation but CANNOT make a future class, you must cancel 1-1/2 months or more prior to the class in order to have your deposit refunded. If you cannot provide 1-1/2 months notice, I can ONLY refund your deposit/tuition if I can fill your spot with a last-minute student.

The “classroom” day will be hands on with equipment but will also be filled with photos and videos backing-up the “what’s” and the “why’s” of what I do. I will NOT be boring! 
Location will also be covered in detail backed up with actually going to those locations the next day.  You won’t be nodding off in class, I promise you that!! 
After class each day, we will retire to my complex behind the barn for great food, drink, and conversation around the fire pit.  Often, these discussions can be equally valuable as we ALL share experiences and stories!

Regarding classroom instruction versus one-on-one, I can see how someone might feel they will not receive the same value, sharing my time with others vs. true one-on-one.  Makes sense, right?  Well, I’ve been instructing students alone AND through seminars with small class sizes.  Often, the single student struggles in filling up the day with questions or comments while I show them my playbook.  Conversely, I get FAR more questions and input from a small group, where individuals ask a variety of questions and share THEIR varied experiences, generating conversation and inquiries that you simply cannot replicate with a single student.  The others will ask questions that YOU wouldn’t necessarily ask, and vice versa, and everyone benefits equally. 
Local Accommodations
The Phinney Farm B & B
Kathy and John Copeletti
5707 East Lake Road
Cazenovia NY 13035
Kathy cell: 315-289-4720

Carnitas B & B
Pam and Kendrick Schnell
5738 East Lake Road
Cazenovia NY 13035
Pam’s cell: 315-289-4109

Sparrowbush Cottage Bed and Breakfast

Owner: Mary Chandler
6194 East Lake Road
Cazenovia, NY 13035
Phone: 315-687-9866

Brae Loch Inn
Jim & Val Barr, Owners
5 Albany St.
Cazenovia, NY 13035
Phone: 315-655-3431
Ask for Coyote U discount

Hampton Inn
25 Lakers Ln.
Cazenovia, NY 13035
Phone: 315-655-7666
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